New, Sterling-ware v0.001 beta, posted 10-26-98

GrafZViZionv4.0, posted 10-07-98

TieraZonv2.7, posted 9-17-98.

TieraZon2v2.05, posted  7-05-98

Iterations or Flarium24Iterations v28 and Flarium v8.9 posted 3-9-98.

All of the programs are fractal generators for Win95/NT.
Another fractal program is also available called
Inkblot Kaos.
Also available is a DOS fractal generator named
The Talis Project.
TieraZon v0.07, re-posted 7-20-98

Complete source is also available for all of the programs.

24 bit coloring
fractal dimension

Lake Applet 03
Lake Applet 02
Lake Applet 01

An Ultimate Paint Plugin

Stephen C. Ferguson
Madison Al.

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Gallery 10, created 10/11/98

Gallery 09, created 10/08/98

Gallery by Yuan Yufeng

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