Version 0.5 posted 7-05-98

Download TieraZon2-05-exe.zip (executable file, and DLLs, 590KB)

TieraZon2-05-src.zip (source code, written in Visual C++ and DJGPP, 160KB)

Additional Plugins:
The complete set of formula from the Tierazon v2.5 program, tz-v25-plugins.zip. (posted 8-03-98)

Additional plugin modules (FLL, RLL. and FIL) can also be obtained from Terry Gintz's software at ftp://ftp-hs.iuta.u-bordeaux.fr/twggfa/
Thanks Terry

Previous versions of Tierazon2


An alternate site in France is available for downloading the TieraZon2 program.
This site is provided thanks to Jean Pierre Louvet and is recommended if you are in Europe.
To download TieraZon2 v0.5 from France, click Here.
To download the TieraZon2 v0.5 source code from France, click Here.





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