Tierazon, Jungle Fractals
Developed by Stephen C. Ferguson

This program is a Freeware Fractal Generator for Win95/NT


Release notes:

9-17-98, version 2.7
  Fixed a problem with filter 44.  A debug statement would appear if the max iterations was greater than the watermark.

8-16-98, version 2.6
  Removed the distracting warning message after a window is closed.

4-06-98, version 2.5

03-04-98, version 2.4 03-02-98, version 2.3 02-28-98, Version 2.2a 02-28-98, Version 2.2 02-19-68, Version 2.1 02-16-98, Version 2.0 02-14-98, Version 1.9 This documentation file is far from complete.  Right now, I just wanted to include some instructions on the Unique Formula Editor and also some notes on creating a Fractal Video.  Version 15 adds a Julia Video Mode which is explained at the end of the "Creating Fractal Videos" section.

Also new on v15 is an Auto-Aliasing option.  Choose this mode and the images will automatically be anti-aliased.

Unique Formula Dialog:

The Unique Formula Editor gives the user the option to enter his/her own formulae.

The formula can be entered into the dialog edit field and then the image drawn by selecting OK. The formula can be saved as a Tierazon parameter file (*.zar). The filters, color methods, Julia set, M-Set method, inverse operations, zooming, zero-init flag, etc. all work with the unique formula just as if it were another formula in the Flarium24 program. The unique formula number for formulae created with the formula editor is 101.

The formula parser was written by Gerry Myers. He can possibly be reached at myersge@hiwaay.net. if you have any comments or questions.

Currently, the Formula Parser has a problem with “Precedence”. The problem is that if a plus sign comes before a multiplication sign in an operation sequence, then the plus will be operated on first. Normally, multiplication and division have highest precedence, then addition and subtraction. The exponent operand ^ should have lowest precedence. Currently to work around the problem, just make sure that you use the parenthesis brackets (()) wherever possible. The parser currently operates from left to right on an operation within the parentheses, and does not take into account the precedence.

The formula parser is currently limited to 1024 characters. There are three complex variables that can be used in a formula as constants. They are u, v, and w. The parser automatically looks for the value of “z” to be the complex number to be iterated and the value of “c” is used to represent the current pixel coordinate, similar to most all of the other formulae in the Tierazon program.

The operators that the formula parser are capable of are as follows:

· + Plus

· - Minus

· * Multiplication

· / Division

· ^ Exponent (To the power of)

The complex trigonometric functions that the parser supports are sin, sinh, asin, cos, cosh, acos, and tan, atan, and log.

Also the real and imaginary numbers can be entered in the formula. These functions are called real and imag.

An example using the real and imag functions:

· z*z*real(z)+imag(z)*c+c

Some valid expressions are as follows:

· z*z+c

· This expression has a problem with the precedence.

· c+z*z

· sin(z*c)+c

· This formula creates a Kaleidoscope of 5 Mandeloids. Set the Zero-Init flag.

· (z*z)+(log(c^5)/5)

· Also set the Zero-Init flag for this one.

· (z*z)+(log(c^2)/sin(c))-c

· This is a third order Newton formula. Make sure color steps are set to at least 8,8,8.

· Also make sure the Zero-init flag is NOT set.

· z-((z*z*z-1)/(3*z*z))

Creating a Fractal Video:

The Tierazon program can create fractal videos of zooming and / or panning sequences. These videos are saved in Audio Video Interleave (AVI) file format and can be compressed and played back with the two utility programs that are included with the Tierazonsoftware. To create a fractal video, the program requires a set of starting coordinates, a set of finish coordinates, and the number of frames to be generated between the starting and finish positions. All of this is done with the Movie Dialog Box which can be brought up by selecting the View | Movie Dialog command option.

Once the movie dialog has been brought up, use the Tierazon menus to select an equation number, a filter, or any of the options available in the Tierazon menu and display a fractal image which you would like to use in the fractal video. Once the image has been generated and displayed, then select the lock start check box in the movie dialog box. This locks in the coordinates for the starting frame of the fractal video. Then, using the same equation, zoom in or zoom out to another area of the fractal by using the mouse and drawing a rectangle within an area and using the Zoom into Rectangle toolbar button. This is done as you would normally do when zooming in or out of a fractal. Once your image has been redrawn and is displayed on the screen, then select the Lock Finish check box. This locks in the coordinates for the last frame of the fractal video. You can then verify that your other movie parameters are set up the way would like them to be set up. The default parameters are 256 by 256 for the width and height, the default number of frames to be generated is 100, the default Playback Frames/Sec is 8, and the default output filename is Jungle1.avi. Any of these parameters may be changed to your convenience.

Once all the parameters are set up, you can start the fractal video movie creation by selecting the start button in the movie dialog box. Each frame is generated starting with the starting coordinates and is automatically incremented to the next frame position until it reaches the finish frame. Once this process is complete, then an uncompressed AVI file was created and is ready for playback or compression. You can start the playback and compression utility programs by selecting View | Batch Compress or View | Video Player commands. See the help menus in the utility programs for further instructions on compressing and playback.

New in version 15 is the capability to generate Julia animations.  For this mode of operation, select the "Julia Video Option" under the "View menu.  Once in Julia Video Mode, then the Movie Dialog box starting and stopping coordinates are now the Julia Starting and stopping coordinates instead of the panning and zooming coordinates.