Jungle Fractals
Current version is 2.7, posted 09-17-98.

Version 2.7, can be downloaded from Here. (approx. 333KBytes)
The complete source for Tierazon version 2.7 can be downloaded by clicking Here.
To view Tierazon v2.7 release notes, click here.

An alternate site in France is now available for downloading the Tierazon program.
This site is provided thanks to Jean Pierre Louvet and is recommended if you are in Europe.
To download Tierazon v2.7 from France, click Here.
To download the Tierazon v2.7 source code from France, click Here.

Tierazon v1.0 executable, re-posted 07-25-98
Tierazon v1.0 sourcecode
Some of the following parameter files were made with an earlier version of Tierazon.

Tierazon Parameter Files


Note: some of these parameter files may not work correctly and some may be duplicates.


Tiera-zon is a freeware fractal generator which runs under Win95/NT.  A graphics monitor of a least 256 colors is required, high color or true color is prefered since it generates fractals in true-color.

The Tiera-zon program is about twice as fast as the Iterations/ Flarium programs.  The main program is written in Visual C++ and the formulae and filters are written and included in a DLL file that is compiled with the freeware DJGPP compiler using a Windows port software package called RSX.

Tiera-zon currently has the following capababilities:


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