Sterling-ware is a fractal generator for Win95/NT.
Posted 10-26-98

 Some of the capabilities include:

Download executable, approx 350Kb
Download source code, approx 70Kb, written in Delphi 3.0 and DJGPP C++/ RSX.

To recompile you will need the following add-on extensions for Delphi:

PixelGraphics Library by Peter Beyersdorf,
A powerfull graphic library for Delphi 2 and Delphi 3. It offers optimized palettes, Floyd Steinberg dithering, a variety of color and convolution filters, preview open and save dialogs and a lot more. Different file formats, also the modern PNG format, are supported.

Toolbar97, Version 1.63
By Jordan Russell, home page:,
(alternate address:
Toolbar97 is a shareware dockable toolbar component for Delphi 2.0, 3.0, and C++Builder that features the new Office 97 look and behavior.

Delphi VCL Extensions (RX) Library 2.32,
The Set of Native Delphi Components for Borland Delphi
versions 1, 2 & 3 and Borland C++ Builder.
Published by Fedor Koshevnikov; Igor Pavluk; Serge Korolev

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